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Shickley Public School

Jr-Sr. High School


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Current Classroom Activities

Welcome to my website where you'll find information and updates about things happening in the Spanish classroom and at our school.  This website provides an excellent opportunity to communicate and connect, and I encourage you to visit often.  


SPRING, 2012

Spanish I: 

        All of the students took the National Spanish Exam in March. The results will not be known until after May 1st. 

        They had fun eating oranges April 2nd. Using etiquette from Spain, they demonstrated their skill and "manners" by using a knife and fork to cut and eat the oranges.  A picture of this is on my web page at "Current Classroom Activities (Continued)," so be sure to look there! (It follows this current site.)

        Each student designed a "Dream House" («Casa de sueño») during the first half of April. These interesting pictures are displayed in the hallway. 

        The rest of the year will be spent in learning vocabulary that is used with different "places," or «lugares,» and in reviewing vocabulary from the year.


Spanish II

        All of the students took the National Spanish Exam in March. The results will not be returned until May 1st.

      When we were studying the past tenses, each senior made a poster, with Spanish explanations, showing pictures of their childhood. Be sure to look at these pictures at the end of this page!

        We should be able to finish watching "Destinos," a 52-lesson telecourse, by May 4th. Everyone has found this story of "twists and turns" very interesting. Since it is all in Spanish, it's exciting to be able to realize how much spoken Spanish is understood by everyone!

        Be sure to check out the video of the "Spanish Fashion Show" that this class made in 2011. They did a great job! (The "Fashion Show" has it's own "spot" on my web page. It is the second topic from the top.)


8th Grade Spanish:

        The junior high students only have Spanish for a 9-week session, with this spring session being the time for the 8th grade. After reviewing the Spanish from last year, we are now creating sentences in journals to better use meaningful vocabulary about what we are doing or want to do.

        The students cooperated to create a map of «Isla de sueño» or "Dream Island," where they also labeled in Spanish all of their creative places and interesting activities. This is displayed in the hallway. A picture of this is also on my web page at "Current Classroom Activities (Continued)," so be sure to look there! 

        A picture is also there of each of their names. In March, each of them made a poster to show their favorite places and things to do (of course, in Spanish). 


Elementary Spanish:

        There are 3 classes of Elementary Spanish: 3rd and 4th grades combined, 5th grade, 6th grade. We continue to learn vocabulary from different units. Right now we are beginning a unit on "Animals," and we are also reviewing past vocabulary. 

        In February and March the 3rd and 4th graders made posters  of "Aliens," where they labeled in Spanish the different parts of these unusual bodies. The posters were displayed in the hallway.

        In February and March the 6th graders made posters of "People Made Out of Food," and they labeled in Spanish the different food used to make these interesting, creative "people" that were displayed in the hallway. 

        The 5th graders made "Menus," which had some very unusual meal offerings along with normal types. These were also displayed in the hallway.


Would you like to learn Spanish?

Check out the "Tutorials" in my web site. There are many excellent free places where you may try to learn Spanish.



Do you know a little Spanish?

Check out the "Newspapers and Magazines" section in my web site. There are newspapers from around the world from which you may choose to practice your Spanish.

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