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15. Resources: Social Studies and Travel

Social Studies

http://geography.miningco.com Geography: Huge amount of info *

www.indo.com/distance Distance: To find how far it is from one place to another *


www.scopesys.com/anyday Any Day in History: lists births and deaths of famous people, events, etc. *


http://users.erols.com/mwhite28/20centry.htm What happened in the 20th Century: Great amount of fascinating inforamtion, from general (lists of top news storeis, best novels, films and songs, etc.) to governments, maps, wars, etc. *


www.mapquest.com Mapquest: Useful site for the traveler to find shortest routes and things needed to be avoided. Also has trip and moving guides. *

www.census.gov/cgi-bin/gazetteer Find latitude and longitude, poulation and zip codes to city (or zip code); also, provides links to census tables for that city.*

www.cgrer.uiowa.edu/servers/servers_references.html List of maps: hundredshttp://www.countryreports.org Country Reports: A FANTASTIC detailed, yet easy-to-read source for historical data about each country!  Here you will find over 6,600 pages and 6,400 related links on over 260 countries! Just click on the needed country. *



 http://decoder.AmeriCom.com  Area Codes

 http://www.switchboard.com Switchboard: Find businesses, people, addresses, websites and e-mail addresses.

 http://www.travlang.com/languages/index.html Foreign Languages for Travelers *