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Shickley Public School

Jr-Sr. High School


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Past Winners of the National Spanish Exam

National Spanish Exam—State of Nebraska Winners

1996    Spanish I:

            Andrea Goesch                           2nd       

            Kendra Boswell                          3rd       

            Wendy Fangmeier                       3rd       

            Theresa Sissel                             5th       


1997    Spanish I:

            Heidi Hochstetler                        4th                   

            Jeremy Kempf                         5th       


1998    Spanish I:

            Katie Sissel                             1st

            Several got into the wrong category, so they

            didn’t place. If they had been in the correct category: 

            Katie Sissel would have received 1st

            Libby Fangmeier would have received 4th,  

            Danielle Kempf would have received 4th,

            Amanda Johnson would have received 5th

            Sara Slingsby would have received 5th 


1999    Spanish I:

            Kerri Kennel                           3rd                                

            Melissa Hochstetler                 4th

            Erica Lichti                             5th

            Spanish II:    

            Katie Sissel                             2nd


2000    Spanish I:

            Matt Troyer                             1st

            Ben Schlegel                           2nd

            Brad Schlegel                          3rd

            Aftan Hoffschneider                  4th

            Dustin Cullen                          5th

            Kelli Kennel                            5th

            Spanish II:

            Melissa Hochstetler                 4th

            Stacy Miller                             5th


2001    Spanish I:

            Erin Lichti                               1st


2002    Spanish I:

            Rachel Schlegel                     1st

            Matthew Schneider                 3rd

            Robert Kempf                         4th

            Stesha Crookshank                 5th


2003    Spanish I:

            Andrew Brinkman                               2nd

            David Row                                         2nd

            Cole Schultz                                     2nd

            Abbi Swartzendruber                          4th


Outside experience (From this year onward we were basically in the Outside Experience category, because the students had several years of Elementary Spanish.)


2004    Spanish I:

            Katie Lichti                                         1st

            Spanish II:    

            David Row                                         2nd

            Andrew Brinkman                              3rd

            Abbi Swartzendruber                          4th


2005    Spanish I:

            No previous Spanish (Regular Class)

            Kylie Markey                                      2nd

            Alex O’Brien                                      3rd  


2006    Spanish I:

            Zac Schlegel                                        1st          

            Andrea Schweitzer                             2nd         

            Jessica Dowdy                                     3rd

            Clark Schulz                                        4th

            Michael Merryman                              5th  


2007    Spanish I:

            Jaron Nelson                                       4th

            Jacob Erb                                            5th


2008    Spanish I:

            Stephanie Swartzendruber (OE)         2nd

            Krista Swartzendruber  (Regular)       5th

(If they had been in the correct category, Krista would have placed 3rd and Brett Sheffield would have placed 5th , but Brett didn’t place in the Regular Division.)


2009    Spanish I: Luke Schweitzer and Wade Walters got 3.5%  higher on their tests than the 4th place winners, but they didn’t place.. Somehow their results were tossed out.

Spanish II:

            Stephanie Swartzendruber                  4th


2010    Spanish I:

            Derek Swartzendruber                        1st

            Tyler Lauenstein                                 2nd


2011    Spanish I:

            Amy Hendrickson                               4th