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Shickley Public School

Student Services


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Jr-Sr. High School|Special Education


Resource/Speech Therapy/Title/SAT/RtI/After School

The Shickley School District strives to meet the educational needs of all students.  In addition to the regular education teachers, support is provided through the Resource, Speech Therapy, Title I, Response to Intervention (RtI), Student Assistance Team (SAT), and After School Academic Support Program (ASASP).  

Resource service personnel include the resource teacher and paraprofessionals who assist students both within and outside the classroom.  Students may also receive instruction individually.  Resource staff provides accommodations and modifications throughout the school day to help students.  

Speech services include screening, evaluations, and remediation programs in both pull-out sessions and classroom inclusion.  Target areas may include articulation, fluency, language, swallowing, and hearing.  

Title I services are provided to students who need help beyond what the classroom teacher can provide.  Students can receive services within the classroom or during a pull-out session to work on specific skills.  Skills that are often addressed are phonemic awareness, sound and letter identification, reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, basic math facts, word problems, telling time, and counting money.  

Response to Intervention is being implemented.  Teachers work with individual students or a small group on targeted skills to make academic gains in the classroom.  

The Student Assistance Team helps students manage their daily classroom work by providing a variety of strategies for success for students.  

The After School Program (ASASP) runs daily from 3:30-5:00 p.m.    The goal of ASASP is to educate and motivate students in a safe, positive learning environment.  Students learn good study habits and become accountable for assigned work.  ASASP was implemented to target 2 groups of students.  Students that are not completing their homework and those that want to stay after school and get their homework completed.  Some students who choose to come to the program on a daily basis.  Most of the time, these students go home with all of their homework completed and do not have to worry about homework at home.  It can be a relief to parents of students who complete homework in the ASASP.  

Note:  The school district is mandated to locate, identify, and evaluate all resident children with disabilities, including children with disabilities attending private schools regardless of the severity of their disabilities.  Upon request, the school district will screen any resident child in the district age birth to twenty-one to determine whether a special education referral is appropriate.