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2. Spanish Search Engines

Search Engines


1.  Spanish

2.  LANIC, 

3.  Master Search Engine

4.  English

5.  Spanish and English

6.  Comprehensive Sites that Include a Great Amount of Information Along with Search Engines


www.espanol.yahoo.com Yahoo, español! VERY GOOD! 

Buscador terra     http://buscador.terra.com Buscador terra Una de las mejores buscadoras en español

http://mx.yahoo.com Yahoo! México 

http://mexicoweb.com.mx Mexico Web Mexican Web Guide; Complete and well organized search engine. In English and Spanish

www.mexonline.com Mex Online Search directory to web sites about Mexico. Includes: business, city guides, classifieds, culture, real estate, shopping, travel...   

http://guia.hispavista.com Hispavista Buena buscadora de habla española

www.cervantesvirtual.com   Project Cervantes; Bibliotecas del mundo (Libraries of the world) Has many sources for advanced studies 

www.yagua.com Yagua A Paraguayan search engine

www.auyantepui.com Auyantepui from Venezuela 


http://lanic.utexas.ed  LANIC The best overall site!This is in a class of its own. Pick by country or by topic. You can find everything you are wanting on Latin America in one spot. If you can only have one site about Latin America, this is it! Lists newspapers, magazines, radio, journalism etc. for each country; has information in general (academic resources, arts and literature, business and economy, all types of professional organizations, media, music, the performing arts, popular culture, public affairs and many other indexes. 


http://top20languages.com Spanish Top 20 EXCELLENT! Has many search engines from which to draw, plus the top 10 sites in web sites, newspapers, radio, references, learning Spanish, literature, books, literature Outstanding source for several different languages!


www.alltheweb.com  All the Web

http://www.ask.com/ Ask Jeeves  Answers to all types of questions


www.google.com Google Yields surprisingly effective results, and quickly. Click on the Preference link if you want a Spanish-language interface or want to limit searches to Spanish-language pages 

www.typicallyspanish.com Typically Spanish Directory lists schools, employment, entertainment, media, tourism sites and plenty more about Spain.

www.euroseek.com  Euroseek European search engine in major and minor languages of Europe 

www.latinworld.com Latin World Search Engine for Iberoamerica and the Caribbean  

www.georgetown.edu  Type in Political Database of the Americas for all types of political inforamtion concerning Latin American studies A very valuable site! 

www.csusm.edu Spanish Links Many great links: many links for each of search engines, dictionaries, vocabulary, grammar, idiomatic expressions, writing guidelines, media, currency converters... California State University San Marcos...type in "Spanish Links" in directory box and you will get all types of Spanish web resources


www.ilovelanguages.com I Love Languages EXCELLENT source of many sites that is devoted to bringing together information about the languages of the world, the H-LP database currently contains over 1800 resources covering more than 100 different languages. The language resources listed here come from all around the world, and range from dictionaries to language tutorials to spoken samples of languages. Many, many excellent activities and ideas! 

www.bibliotecavirtual.com Biblioteca Virtual An excellent site! From LANIC's "Academic Journals". The amount of information about literature, biology, history, geography and other topics on this site is incredible. Each main section has an "Indice temantico" con muchos temas. This site is in German, but it can easily be translated to English or Spanish (There are many languages to which it may be translated.) For advanced studies

http://globegate.utm.edu/spanish GlobeGate An EXCELLENT site with MANY GREAT links to all areas of teaching Spanish (general topic links, art and culture, exhibitions, history, music (Several sites have lyrics for a multitude of songs); also many sites as a search engine This is a nice long list of sites if you don't mind scrolling to find what you are looking for. Includes search engines, maps, grammar, lessons, etc.

www.lonweb.org  Languages on the Web an many as 400 different languages...even stories

www.etown.edu/vl/spanish.html Web Directories for Latin America and Spain Many great sites in Spanish included with over 2600 anotated links in a wide range of international affairs, international studies, and international relations topics at the home site.

http://lib.nmsu.edu/subject/bord/laguia Internet Resources for Latin America published by Molly Molloy on behalf of the New Mexico State University Library 

www.lingolex.com/learnspanish/index.html Go to Learn Spanish for EXCELLENT SOURCE of many topics. A list of links by category or use the search feature. The focus here is on Spain...especially Granada (many interesting articles)

www.cibercentro.com Ciber Central   Search by country and language; many links for information for each country; also several search engines, ciber cafes for each country 

http://www.awesomelibrary.org/ Awesome Library This has a great amount of information on many different topics, including foreign languages