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End of February news

February 26, 2016


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The first graders have been learning about the influential life of George Washington.  They will be comparing and contrasting his life with what they know about Abe Lincoln's life next week.  

Dr. Derek Hoffman, a dentist from Lincoln, visited the elementary students to discuss how to take care of their teeth to avoid any future dental problems.  He gave a wonderful presentation as well as a gift bag to each student.  The first graders wrote a thank-you letter to Dr. Hoffman as one of their writing assignments.  We are currently working on rewriting our story of our favorite person.  I didn't allow them to choose a parent (sorry) but I didn't want any feelings hurt when they had to choose one person.

The students have been learning about the suffix -y and the letter cluster -ey this week.  We have been reading about animal teams and how each animal works to help the other animal survive.  We acted many of the examples out to help them understand their important relationship that they have with each other.  

In math the students have continued to work with comparing measurements.  We worked with area and temperature this week.  I also taught them how to solve harder addition and subtraction problems using specific strategies.