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Summer activities

May 11, 2015


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Treasures Word List              
nothing along instead thought early    
father four   always love   mother  
early   enough open   eyes   air    
against below orange yellow fall    
sure   sound their   know great    
warm over   jump   good   use    
pull   ride   now   come three    
out   many people from   every  
into   soon   move says   write    
pretty were   about give   buy    
better through your   change again  
until   or   other   blue   also    
because done   water by   after    
two   they   down help   very    
be   not   run   up   too    
it   across would grew   knew  
house find   work   old   new    
one   then   could together put    
show all   make today school  
way   away   place under live    
there   so   why   more   how    
funny call   shout animal ball    
head   should never once   eight    
upon   want   walked saw   carry    
boy   friends girl   any   does    
poor   climbed full   another her    
eat   who   of   our   some  
Sound cards (Make flash cards--put answer on back)  
Front   Back (answers for you)    
au     au like in faucet          
aw     aw like in straw          
oo     oo like in spoon and oo like in book  
oi     oi like in oil            
oy     oy like in boy          
ow     ow like in cow and ow like in bow (long o)  
ou     ou like in ouch          
oar     or              
or     or like in horse eating corn      
ore     or              
ar     ar like in star          
er     er like in butter          
ir     ir like in shirt on a bird        
ur     ur like in turtle          
y     i like in cry and e like in candy    
ey     e (long e) like in key        
ie     i like in pie and e like in shield    
igh     i like in light          
i_e     i like in five            
oa     o like in boat          
o_e     o like in hose          
oe     o like in toe          
ee     e like in tree          
ea     ea like in leaf, e (short e) like in bread  
      and a (long a ) like in steak      
e_e     e like in concrete          
thr     thr like in throw          
dge     j like in bridge          
u_e     u like in cube          
ch     ch like in cheese          
wh     wh like in whale          
ph     f like in phone          
wr     r like in write          
tch     ch like in watch          
th     th like in feather and th like in thumb  
ew     ew like in screw          
a_e     a (long a) like in cake        
ay     a (long a) like in hay        
sh     sh like in shark          
ck     k like in duck that can quack      
ai     a (long a ) like in train in the rain    
tion     shun like in lotion        
gn     n like in gnat          
qu     qu like in queen          
kn     n like in know          
ue     ue like in glue          
g (with a dot  ge, gi, gy says j like in giraffe    
above the g)                
gle     gle like in bugle          
dle     dle like in candle          
ble     ble like in bubble        
ple     ple like in staple          
tle     tle like in bottle          
fle     fle like in ruffle          
  Attached are the Treasures' Word List and letter clusters cards.  
The students should be able to read and spell all of these words for the  
year.  It would be a good idea to review and spell them throughout the   
summer.  The children love marker boards so I would recommend getting  
one to practice on.                 
  The letter clusters cards (sound cards) can be made using these  
phonemes that they have learned this year.  The children know actions  
for them and can 'teach' you what they are.  They need to practice these  
as well so that 2nd grade won't be as difficult.          
I will be putting all of these sheets on the Shickley Public School website  
in case you lose these.  Simply go to the website, then elementary,    
and finally Mrs. Nelson.  It will be listed as 'Summer Activities.'