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Computer Applications

December 26, 2013


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Course Description

A course designed for students to improve touch method keyboarding skills and to develop handwriting recognition and speech recognition skills. Instruction emphasizes improved techniques for increased speed and accuracy and composition at the keyboard. Students will be introduced to word processing, electronic presentation, and spreadsheet applications.

Computer 7 Reminder

Class Projects

The Computer Applications class worked on the Positive Digital Citizenship unit. They have learned about their digital footprints, effective strategic searching, how to avoid online scams & schemes, how to be an Upstandier for Cyberbullying, and the Creator's Rights. they are learning about different document processing programs. Click on the link below to view the class portfolio.


Click here to open this binder in a new window.

(8th Grade)

The 8th graders had Computer Apps. class second quarter. During the quarter, they learned about becoming a good digital citizen, cloud storage, business documents and spreadsheet. They created videos giving their advice to other teens about how to be good Digital Citizens. 

For their final project, they completed a Skittle Excel Project. They had to chart the color of a bag and Skittle and then collected the class data and chart the class average for each color. The best part was when they finished counting the Skittles they got to eat them! 

Check out there Final Excel Projects!

Anthony               Wyatt             Carley             Megan             Lexi

Thomas                Kellen              Holden            Jacob             Nicole  



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