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Information Technology Apps I/II

May 18, 2016


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Course Description                                                           


First Semester - Students will demonstrate basic skills in the area of word processing, spreadsheet applications, database applications, electronic presentation, Internet use, security issues, and electronic communication. Students manage computer operations and file storage, identify ethical issues pertaining to information systems, and learn about information technology careers.


Second Semester – Students will develop skills in advanced word processing and spreadsheet applications as well as integrating applications using word processing, spreadsheet, database and electronic presentation software. Students will develop skills in desktop publishing, including page layout and formatting. Students will demonstrate knowledge of advanced operating systems principals, basic computer troubleshooting, Internet security issues, ethical issues pertaining to information systems, and virus protection.


Class Projects


Greek God Website

2014-15 Dream Team Projects




For the Information Technology II class final project they developed and marketed a professional sports team. Here are their teams websites. You will need to put in the password to into their sites. Site password: Shickley54


Lincoln 67's     Chicago's Dauntless Daredevils Martland Thunderbirds    
German Giraffes Brewster Broncos High Flying Stars



The Information Technology II class learned about the Twelve Great Olympian Gods in English 9 class.  Each student created a Google slide for one of the Gods, as well as, an Explain Everything video for their second God. The class used Google sites to collaborate to develop a website with their research information. They used the website as a study guide for their test in English 9. We hope you enjoy their finished project! The Twelve Great Olympians


IT Reminders

The Information Technology I class partnered with the 3rd grade class to create Holiday Letter Vokis. The IT class created the Vokis of the students then recorded the students reading their letter to Santa. 


        The Gingerbread Man has been busy interacting with the Kindergarten class. He shared this special message!








Microsoft 2010

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Microsoft Office 2010 Textbook