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Morning corner

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The first graders love being the helper of the day as they get a chance to teach and guide the other students during our morning math corner.  They ask questions and tell the students what to write on their boards.  The students are required to write full sentences and use punctuation at the end of their sentences.  For example, they would write "Tomorrow will be Friday."  Veronika led the students to extend a number pattern as well as counted assorted quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.  She sorted the coins and put them in the correct order first and then told the students what to write on their boards.  Each student had to write the amount for each coin and then write the final total in two different ways (90 cents and $0.90)   Today they learned how to balance a scale using numbers.  Our picture showed a balance and on one side it had the numbers 5 and 5.  The other side of the scale showed a 4 and ___.  The students discovered that 5 + 5 is the same as 4 + 6.  We use two-sided kidney beans to help represent the numbers.  When writing how many days we have been in school, the students draw the number (59) using tens rods and ones cubes, then write the expanded form of the number (50 + 9 = 59).  Then they write the numbers that are ten more and ten less of our number for the day.  Finally, they tell whether the number is even and odd.