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August/September Letter

from The Hoofprint

Thomas Edison once said, “There’s a better way to do it. Find it!”  At Shickley Public School, we are continually working to find ways to make the educational process better and more effective.  This year, we have implemented a number of changes in the search of a better way to educate.  A few of them are below:

  • In science, we ordered new textbooks for grades K-12.  This new science program is focused on understanding the concepts and content of science, through a number of different mediums and means, reading heavy, inquiry heavy, and even through digital content.  
  • This year we implemented a pilot program to institute a 1:1 learning environment.  Initially, our plan was to bring the laptops into the school slowly, but in discussions with our students and teachers, we have moved the implementation dates forward.  At the beginning of the second quarter, our seniors will move to a 1:1 learning environment, and at the beginning of second semester, our freshmen and sophomores will also move to a 1:1 learning environment.  At the beginning of next year, our junior high will move into the 1:1 learning environment, and our move will be complete.  Along with these changes, we will also see a change in focus from memorization and recall to practical application of knowledge and skills.  This project-based assessment and learning is a more effective way to teach content and to develop an understanding and skills needed to master content.
  • In grades K-6, we have provided our students with more iPads, which are being used more and more everyday by our teachers to help our students practice developing skills and to improve on each student’s relative weaknesses.  

Everyone at Shickley, from the students to the teachers, administrators, and staff, is continually challenged to find a better way to do what we do.  By trying new techniques, approaches, and ideas, we are able to find those that work, and those that don’t.  Then by sharing the results, we are able to learn together and discover how best to educate our students, all in our efforts of preparing our students to be successful.  

Success doesn't happen through the actions of a single individual; it's won through the collective behavior of all the individuals in a system striving to achieve a single, common goal.  Our goal every day is to see each student grow and develop into the person they can be.  It has been exciting to see students come back to school after they have been away for the summer, and to hear their stories of their adventures and mishaps.  Little did they know that even when they were having fun all summer, they were growing and learning.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the school, academics, activities, our expectations and policies, or if you would like to share in the process of preparing our students to be successful, please don’t hesitate to stop in and talk, or give us a call.

Derek Ippensen
K-12 Principal, Activities Director
Shickley Public School